Sunday, June 9, 2013

Confessions of an Undercover Sex Addict

I wanna fuck.

I wanna fuck.

love the face time shot with your sister! is she as busty as you and does she have a tumblr? ;)

No, not nearly as busty! I'm a DD she's a B—BUT she knows how to put on a good push up that makes her look busty! LOL

No tumblr that I know of! Unless she runs a secret one like me!

Beat the 🐱👆👆

I want him to beat my pussy up!!! ;)

Desire. Craving. Needing. LUST

Desire. Craving. Needing. LUST

(via exhibitionistatheart, badbadgrrl) Yes ❤

(via exhibitionistatheart, badbadgrrl)

Yes ❤

Hey, guess that post was your reply. Cute ;) was hoping for an email though. -anon teacher

Just trying to make it through the week first. I received it, you'll get a response soon. I'm sure you know how it goes, end of the year madness and all.

You say you think about sex too much... you should share your thoughts more often ;-)

I used to share them TOO often! I seem to have pulled back on the reigns a bit…

I have literally been thinking about all the ways I want to be fucked for like—5 hours straight. I'm trying to guarantee myself one of those sex dreams where I wake up wet.

So I recently hooked up with this girl who went off about how Ive got a nice big dick. The only thing is, Im only 6 inches long BUT im quite thick (about 5.5 inches in girth). Would you consider that big?

"Big dick" can be/is girth as well as length. I tell papi he has a nice big dick all the time—he too is 6ish… (little bigger actually, we've never really measured) so that by measurement would be considered to be average, right? BUT he is real thick! His dick IS big! It fills my tight little pussy perfectly.

In my opinion, ladies who love a nice dick will always compliment it. If it feels big when in my mouth, big in my hand, and fills me up— I am a happy girl! (Notice all those things rely on girth more so than length!)

So hot outside. All I want to do is get naked.

did it.

Are there any pics of you naked?

There are a ton on here! Lol. Check out the tagged/me

Hey Anon who just messaged me about emailing me:

The end of last week, Papi and I weren't able to talk...

We talk every day morning and night for 20 minutes a piece via these pay phones they have. It uses voice recognition to approve calls out to approved people. Papi was sick and his voice was raspy so it wasn't working…therefore he couldnt call for 3 days. He was getting frustrated. I was getting worried. We were able to get back on our routine on Saturday, finally… BUt today I got the letter he wrote after day two of not being able to talk to me—

"I'm so fucking frustrated right now. These are the times when I'm really tested. I so badly want to just lose it and let it all out on someone. I need to talk to you mami, today was not too good for me… Don't worry, no trouble or anything. I've just been so frustrated and aggravated and the only thing I know that can make it all go away is you. Hearing you voice calms me down, it keep me sane.I feel like I'm being tested for real. All I've been doing is closing my eyes and hearing you remind me that everything will be alright. That no matter what, at the end of the day, you will love me just the same. I know you would be reminding me to keep our big picture in mind. You'll tell me you love me and I will tell you that I love you more… you might even call me a Buttfucker…. and with that everything is all better. Instant smile on my face. I need you mami"

The man I met 5 years ago had NO coping strategies except for aggression. That's why I wouldn't be with him then. Now, 98% of the time when he feels "aggravated" this is the response. He can talk himself down. He can walk away. The fact that when he is tested now, he can sit down and recognize the frustration, and talk him self down is HUGE! I am so proud of the man he is.

For him to be alive is a miracle in and of itself. When we look and talk about the life he grew up living, he really should be dead. All his best friends growing up are… At our last visit he said something to the effect of "If god exists, I dont know why he gave me this second chance, I didn't do anything to deserve it" and I said "I do, because you were meant for me. He knew that I needed you…. not just somebody like you. I need you! I love you!"

likewildlife: This nite.


This nite.

nymphoninjas: His hands in my boobs Those hairy arms...


His hands in my boobs

Those hairy arms complement her womanly figure so well. 

wet pussy problems

for real though. SO fucking horny.

Rolling hips, squeezing my pussy muscles, and grinding one out.

letmedothis: let me grip


let me grip


hausofwhore: Most girls don't but I love giving blow jobs. It...


Most girls don't but I love giving blow jobs. It may be my big mouth with no gag reflex or it might just be watching him get off and love every second of it ;)

This is JUST how I want to be worshiping this beautiful Sunday morning.

Drunk face time with sister turns into this…

Drunk face time with sister turns into this…

I want to be spanked. I want to be fucked. I need to feel his...

I want to be spanked. I want to be fucked. I need to feel his hands on me again.

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